Behavioral Intervention Institute of Ohio

First and foremost, I would like to start by expressing that any parent with a special needs child can relate to the stress, anxiety, tension, as well as the research, focus and dedication it takes to find the appropriate placement for our special kiddos. Bennett started in his public school district. After attending for approximately 8 months I knew in my heart this was not the appropriate place for him to be successful........

I can now say BIIO took all these uncertainties, and made them realities for myself and Bennett.  Bennett's behavior, social skills, speech, motor skills, focus, communication and academics have soared over the past 11 months. Our family and friends continuously  praise him on his success and achievements.

BIIO provides the necessary fundamentals, training tools, progress and master charts and educators to ensure our children develop typical daily routines to utilize throughout their life.

Bennett thoroughly enjoys going to BIIO everyday! Thank you BIIO for your passion and dedication to our children!

                                                                                                                                          Jill proud parent of Bennett, age 5.  
                                                                                                                                          Bennett started receiving services at BIIO April 2009

     Our story is one familiar to many parents of special needs children. Our daughter Ava received a PDD/NOS diagnosis when she was 3 1/2. It was recommended that we contact our local school district for services.  An IEP was created for her and she attended their early learning school for a full year. Her progress was minimal.  Our teachers conferences would come up and I would get a sinking feeling.  I am not an educator, but I instinctively knew that we needed to do more for our daughter.  I didn't know where to go or how to pay for it. I would cry at IEP meetings and paid for private tutors to help in areas where she was delayed.  After a year and a half, our psychologist changed Ava's diagnosis to Autism.  She recommended an intensive ABA program as the best option for treatment.
     After many phone calls, I found Behavioral Intervention Institute of Ohio. The Director, Kate Boylan explained their process for assessment and an education plan which truly is individualized.  I knew this was exactly what Ava needed, I just had concerns about tuition.  Kate explained the Ohio Autism Scholarship Program and assisted me through the relatively smooth process.  Within three weeks Ava started attending BIIO and we are finally seeing real progress.  I no longer fear that I am failing my daughter.  We are seeing results and have hope for her future. 

                                                                                                                                          Jody, Mother of 5 year old

     My husband and I could not be happier with the progress our son has made since he started attending the Behavioral Intervention Institute of Ohio.  His conversation and play skills have greatly improved, and above all else he is happy!   
    The staff has been amazing.  They challenge my son daily and clearly demonstrate the skills and patience necessary to work with children affected by autism.  They foster his self esteem and give him the tools necessary to build upon his knowledge and strengthen his skills.  We are impressed by the daily feedback we get on our son's progress, as well as the detailed and individualized programs he receives.  
    Our son actually thanks us on a number of occasions for sending him to his "new school".  I am confident with the choice I made to send our son to BIIO and I strongly recommend it to parents who are looking at schools for their children.   I am confident that with their help our son will reach his highest potential.  
                                                                                                                                            Ann Marie, mother of 7 year old

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