Behavioral Intervention Institute of Ohio

Center Based ABA Program
Behavioral Intervention Institute of Ohio believes in a comprehensive support system for all consumers, as well as readily accessible services to meet the current needs of the autism community. In the center-based program, Behavioral Intervention
Institute of Ohio provides either a half-day or full day intensive treatment program for children who need individualized intervention in either a staff to client ratio of 1:1 or 1:2. In addition, full day programs are available at higher ratios depending on the child’s behavior and level of functioning.

The Behavioral Intervention Institute of Ohio program follows a 10-month academic calendar year.  However,  BIIO offers supplemental 1:1 sessions and offers a 12-month option. This model, unlike the traditional public school, offers the opportunity to eliminate the summer break, thus preventing a gap in services that in turn will decrease the risk of losing skills or increasing behaviors because of the break in routine.

When a child begins treatment with Behavioral Intervention Institute of Ohio, goals will immediately focus on communication while building in other key programs that support communication development such as imitation and receptive language skills. In addition, the child will work on reduction of maladaptive behaviors. 

Each child’s treatment plan, though similar because of the nature of the autism diagnosis, is completely individualized and established in collaboration with the parents and IEP team. In addition, children receive a detailed assessment with the BIIO Clinic Director prior to their first session. Parents also complete several assessments to aid us in learning about the child. The Clinical Team including our certified Special Education teacher meet with the child's parents to determine treatment goals and objectives.  

Each quarter the Clinic Director meets with the parent and clinical team to walk through each treatment plan goal and provide data on the child’s progress towards that goal. At the annual anniversary of the child’s enrollment, the clinical team and parent participate in the treatment plan review and develop new goals to be targeted.

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Ancillary Services
BIIO offers the following ancillary services to support our center based clients as well as clients that are able to participate and succeed in a typical school setting:

  •     One on One Intensive ABA Sessions
  •     Focus Sessions
  •     Toilet Training 
  •     Home Program Consultation 
  •     Comprehensive IEP Services
  •     Social Groups
  •     Summer Camp

One on One Intensive ABA Sessions are available to anyone on the autism spectrum.  One on One Intensive ABA sessions are designed to supplement our center based program, a home ABA program or a child's typical school placement.  Each session is an hour in length and will focus on increasing skills like communication, imitation, toy play, daily living skills and decreasing maladaptive behaviors.  Please contact BIIO for more information and schedule availability. 

Focus Sessions are specialized treatment sessions designed to target specific skills and curriculum while continuing to incorporate the principles and procedures of ABA as the session’s foundation. Each focus session is offered after school hours for an eight-week cycle. Topics include the following:

  • Intensive Communication
  • Direct Instruction
    • Language for Learning
    • Reading Mastery 
  • Social Skills Training 
  • Creative Art
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Drama Club
  • Therapeutic Martial Arts  

Toilet Training We can help assess your child to make sure they have the crucial prerequisite skills for toilet training.  In addition, we will develop a specific behavior plan for your child following the principles and procedure of Applied Behavior Analysis to help your child be successful learning this important life skill. 

Home Program Consultation Some families decide that running a home ABA program is a better fit for them, we provide program development, training and overlap to your home team members, and development of behavior plans as needed. 

Comprehensive IEP Services  Attending your child's IEP can be overwhelming, BIIO can assist by attending IEP meetings and supporting parents during this process. 

Social Groups are designed to help increase our clients social functioning.  These skills are crucial for our clients to be successful participants in their families and community settings.  All sessions are based on specific curriculum and ABA strategies and tailored to your child's individual needs from basic skills like turn taking to complex skills like maintaining a conversation.  Please contact BIIO for scheduling information. 

Summer Camp is open to current and new clients, and you are welcome to sign up for one week or the entire summer.  Each week we will focus on communication skills, social skills, and play skills through fun and interactive activities based on the weekly theme.  Themes include Animal Adventure, All Star Sports,  Wacky Water Week,   Crazy Chef's Cooking,  Community Helpers and Safety Week.  Please contact BIIO for this summer's schedule at   

Speech Therapy  The Behavioral Intervention Institute of Ohio is pleased to announce that are now offering Speech Therapy services.   Please contact BIIO for scheduling information.

Occupational Therapy The Behavioral Intervention Institute of Ohio is pleased to announce that we are now offering Occupational Therapy services.  Please call for scheduling information.


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